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When I was growing up, we lived in an extremely small town. Occasionally we would get out to see a movie, but other than that things were pretty quiet. One day, I got the opportunity to travel to New York for school, which I found extremely exciting. While we were there, I had the opportunity to see a huge variety of performing arts, and I was hooked. Ever since that day, I have worked hard to learn as much as I can about the arts, so that I can appreciate them even more. Check out this blog about the arts, so that you can gain a greater appreciation for plays and movies.


Helping Your Child Practice Ballet At Home

14 October 2015
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Ballet dancing is a fun and exciting skill that many children, male and female, enjoy learning. If your child is interested in trying out ballet, you can aid them by creating a way for them to practice at home. Follow these tips to find the right equipment, teach them basic ballet moves, and even learn how to treat blisters. Necessary Equipment Investing in ballet equipment is the first step in the process. Read More …